​​TCS, Your Total Commodity Solutions..!

On TCS Total Commodity Solutions, Inc. As a strategic tool, we have created a Unique Business Model, the development and improvement of this unique business model is what allows us to address new realities, and convert their characteristics in sustained benefit for TCS and its Strategic Partners Business and Investors.

Our Unique Business Model allows us to visualize and benefit from real diversification through Production - Operations and Marketing of Commodities, geography and activity in a world of global marketing, leading businesses undertake, supported by own methodologies and guided by a management team fully aligned with the current market reality. 

Integrate sustainable development into all our activities. Develop and strengthen relationships with all our stakeholders. With a deep focus on the Strategic Alliances, to maintain a conservative financial profile and a solid rating of the company.

Maintain a capital structure strong and flexible able to support the growth and profitability of the Group, Company, Investors, Business Partners and Shareholders. Focusing on the cost control and operating efficiencies.

Increase the value net updated of our Group and Company, improving the competitiveness of our active through a constant focus in them capacities commercial, logistics and the management of costs, for example, through an operation safe and efficient.

Achievement of synergies of integration with Business Partners, Suppliers, Business Advisory and of Services, Clients and Investors.

Continuous advancement in the implementation and operation of programs of growth and expansion.

Temporary suspension of the marketing of Commodities, due to the excess of offer of market, re by directing efforts to other commodities.

Capitalize on investments in industrial active.

Expand our business inside and outside America, Asia and Europe. Our experience in solutions  leverage commodity to regions where demand for raw materials is growing rapidly...