​​TCS, Your Total Commodity Solutions..!

  Planning, Design, Construction, Maintenance and Reconditioning of: Refineries, Pipelines, Petrochemicals, Storage Tanks.

      Equipment for the Oil Industry (Wicks Drill, Drills, Oil Pipes and Valves).

Equipment for Mining Industry (Grinders, Supplies for Grinding , Furnaces, Cutters, Analyzers and Chemical products.)

Equipment for Gas Industry (Gas ducts, Valves and Meters)

     Transport and Insurance of Interoceanic sensitive and not sensitive Commodities loads.

    Planning, Design, Maintenance and Crisis Management in natural environments, subjected to risk for the oil & gas, mining or industrial activity.


      Consulting, Advisory, Planning, Design, Execution of Financial Structure, Financial Engineering and Financial Management Processes for Customers, Strategic Allies and/or Suppliers.