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TCS – FERREDAYCA - MAJESTA Strategic Alliance – Joint Venture –

TCS Total Commodity Solutions, Inc. Has established a Strategic Alliance with the Venezuelan Company FERREDAYCA, c.a. Who is the representative of the brand MAJESTA for Venezuela, other countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. MAJESTA is a brand of high quality reinforced abrasive products line and other products and equipments of high-level hardware tools. TCS, will boost these products in your Global Network Markets, extending thus its range of Products.

TCSYAMARO Strategic Alliance – Joint Venture –

The Companies TCS Total Commodity Solutions, Inc., and YAMARO Constructions , c.a. have formed a Strategic Alliance -Joint Venture-with the objective of initialize and developing Projects of Oil & Gas, Mining and Infrastructure in Venezuela, Latin America and the Caribbean. With the agreement between its highest representatives, conforms a corporate structure of broad integral strength and strategic cooperation; by raising their technical and financial capabilities to a higher level. This Strategic Alliance already this list to launch projects in the Orinoco Oil Belt and in the Mining Arch of the Orinoco, both in Venezuela.

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TCSK´´Fir Investment Company Strategic Alliance – Joint Venture –

TCS Total Commodity Solutions, Inc. Strengthens its Services of Consulting, Advisory, Planning, Design, Execution of Financial Structure, Financial Engineering and Financial Management Processes for Customers, Strategic Allies and/or Suppliers; when shape the Strategic Alliance – Joint Venture – Agreement between TCS and K´Fir Investment Company, that is a investments and capital management company.