Strategic Partners to promote the business, strategies, processes and methods that achieve commit to providing a platform for exchange Commodity first level for market participants and to commercialize a wide range of Commodities, driven by global best practices, professionalism and transparency.

This is a network of world-class business; we recognize this as a strategic factor for success in our business. We have alliances - suppliers - consultants and chip clients around the five continents. TCS is a new and successful marketing company Commodities, TCS has established important because according to Business Partners, Consulting Companies and Consultants.

Functional, operational and strategic of multinational companies that dominate the world market for commodities scheme can be emulated and adapted to the modest size of our companies, but secured also to emulate the great economic benefits in proportion to our financial capacity and functional.

Based on this conviction and a spirit of entrepreneurs it is that TCS has established itself solidly in the International Commodities Market.Today we have strong Strategic Alliances, allowing us to offer commodities, for example, in the area of crude oil and its derivatives classified as major refineries in the world. And so in other areas of raw materials also.

Underpins our vision towards the establishment of Strategic Alliances - Joint Venture "SAA-JV" (Strategic Alliance Agreement-Joint Venture) as vehicle and basis for sustained and profitable growth in new Global Economies. 

Our Alliance it focuses on providing an exceptional level of service and businesses to Customers, Suppliers, Traders and Business Partners.

Multinational generally use common business strategies and Strategic Alliance to align along the common business objectives alliances and to increase focus on business operations that enhance business value, improve profits and other strategic objectives (instead of processing functions to a shared memory model only). Theirs is a value approach: the resources of the business units sharing businesses and products (commodities) are assigned so that the maximum value (not just the largest savings) for the business. For example, business strategy and shared strategic alliances bring automation to improve cost efficiency and improves the ability of the company to measure analyze and report on the performance and standardization of business processes. With this increased transparency, it is easier to identify areas that need improvement and in turn increases corporate profits. This approach or approach to business, sufficiently proven by multinational trading companies in North America, Europe, Asia and around the world, with significant economic benefits for its actors, is not an exclusive model of multinational or large enterprises. When we refer to TCS Total Commodity Solutions, Inc., as a leading company and world-class, it is crucial precisely because we have developed enough experience in this business approach.

 Our Strategic Alliances – Joint Venture - business approach is based primarily on four aspects, which are described below:

An integrated information and communication infrastructure will be the backbone of  Clients - Customers, Suppliers, Dealers, Partners and Investors, because interconnects the various components in commercial markets.​

This aspect of our business approach includes having all our infrastructure Commercial, for those Traders "Traders" who have a portfolio of customers or products, and need the infrastructure of a company Commodities specialist, honest and dynamic, to realize expectations success and business opportunities.

We are fully committed to providing a platform for exchange of top-level Commodities for Global Market participants that trades a wide range of commodity derivatives, driven by global best practices, professionalism and transparency.

Any of the four approaches or aspects, or any combination thereof, it will help us face the challenge of transforming our businesses competitive organizations and high performance in an increasingly competitive world. 




TCS, acquires Commodities from dozens of others Producers worldwide. This provides diversification for our customers and allows us to identify opportunities to grow our asset base. This unique potential allows it to offer a menu of benefits, which are currently in short supply in the commodity markets. Identify, evaluate and pre-qualify those individuals or companies that directly or indirectly have any interest to be marketed within Our Commodities International Business Network. At TCS, we have established as critical success factors for establishing strong business relationships with suppliers: communication, honest and sincere relationship, together with excellent price - value - result - satisfaction-of goods and services offered.


TCS, Clients and Customers are industrial consumers, including technology, automotive, steel, energy, construction, oil and food processing industries, distributors and large buyers. We also offer Financial Advisory Commodities, logistics and other services to our buyers.Our customers have the reliability of our products and services, as these are based on a new communication infrastructure and experience gained through the proper selection of our suppliers, together with an outline of Strategic Partners, all top notch. And with the necessary experience for this business.

​​TCS, Your Total Commodity Solutions..!