​​TCS, Your Total Commodity Solutions..!

          Our unique business model allows us benefits through real diversification of Raw Materials and Commodities, geography and specialization of assets worldwide, through a supported by World Leaders Marketing and Business Portfolio these Commodities, supported by a management team in TCS oriented and in total alignment with the reality of the Global Market

How born TCS


In 2013, Commodity Trading and Marketing company TCS Total Commodity Solutions, Inc. Was founded by current President and CEO and the Directors of the Company. TCS is a company organized under the laws of the Republic of Panama, with Commercial and Administrative Headquarters in Madrid - Spain. With "Satellite Offices" in Panamá City – Panamá, Caracas – Venezuela, San Juan – Puerto Rico and the Middle East – Dubai. 

The TCS Difference


It's our guarantee to you and your Company. We've been in the commodities business for many years with clear samples of excellency in services, capacity and trading effectivity, all this has put us in a place higher than our overall competitors, and up the standard. Which also means that it's a quality you'll not only see, but you'll appreciate it. The decision is clear, and we're here to help you design your best plans in commodity and services business trading. You are our reason to be.


Corporate Vision

       The Corporate Mission of TCS in this New Millennium, is to be the apex of a excellent Group of Professionals, in charge of supplying the Market with Commodities of the highest quality, capable of generating a dynamic economic process, integrated development of World Trade.

Being the Total Commodity Solutions Company.

Delivering Value

TCS Corporate Focus

  • The development of technologies and regulatory boundary conditions as well as the changes in customer behavior are main drivers for a sustainable transformation of the Global Commodity Market. It is still unclear how the future Global Commodity Market might look like, but TCS assumes this reality as big opportunities.

  • New Strategy will enable us to again become an attractive and valued company with an commercial  leading public reputation.

  • Expand our business inside and outside America, Asia and Europe. Leveraging our experience in basic solutions to the regions of emerging economies, where demand for raw materials is growing rapidly products.

  • We have a special focus on Strategic Alliances - Joint Venture - as the strategic element that will allow us to strengthen the growth of the Company and cover the widest amount of commodities, products and services globally with high efficiency, quality and profitability.

Corporate Mission

Unique Integrated Business Model

Our presence at each stage of the commodity chain makes a superior counterpart for our customers and provides us with superior market insight and access to investment opportunities. Early We will have built a strong market reputation as a reliable and competitive supplier of quality product on a timely basis. Success in our business requires extensive market knowledge, Financial and logistics capability. TCS procures commodities from dozens of third party producers worldwide. This provides diversification for our customers and enables us to identify opportunities to grow our asset base. This unique parentage enables it to offer a bouquet of benefits, which are currently in short supply in the commodity markets. Our customers are industrial consumers, such as those in the technology, automotive, steel, power generation, constructions, oil and food processing, resellers and Major Buyers. We also provide financing Enginery, logistics and other services to producers and consumers of commodities


       Provide Commodities and excellent Business, modernity and vanguard, using innovative methods, models and technology,  capable to produce together a final result of first quality – overall premium -, in the serving of a Global Conglomerate, with excellent Price – Value – Profit -  Satisfaction – of goods and services offered, and remarkable ability to provide a high percentage of the demand placed.