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We provide to our customers Commodities, superior Products and Services, reliable and competitively priced, and a cleaner Commodity Business world. Our customers will reward Us by becoming firmly committed to Us as their TCS, Your Total Commodity Solutions Company..! 

Frequently Asked Questions:


The COLTAN (Ta/Nb) that market comes from the Congo?

Absolutely NOT,TCS ensure all of the purchased material has reliable traceability, refuse purchasing any suspicious material with incomplete supply chain or incomplete documentation. Definitely avoid purchasing any direct or indirect confining Ta/Nb material or processed product from DRC or neighboring conflict areas (Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia) in order to prevent illegal armed from gaining profit from these areas, and cause continuous turmoil or escalation of conflicts.

TCS, NO purchasing of any illegal material from conflict areas that are identified by the UN.

The COLTAN we sell is the result of the work of legal mining in Latin America and the world. We guarantee that the process of obtaining and marketing of our COLTAN complies with local and international laws, human rights, the ICC and other related treaties.

TCS a Great Place to Work 


Our Human Factor is fundamental to TCS success and growth. We give a fair deal to all our Talents, respect their rights, diversity, culture and offer competitive remuneration, commensurate with their contribution to our success. We encourage our people to learn and grow continually, and we're keen to play a part in helping them succeed.

Our performance Management and Strategy system reinforces personal accountability for performance outcomes. At the same time, we remain committed to a more diverse and inclusive culture as we seek to deliver top quartile performance.

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TCS Total Commodity Solutions, Inc. Is a Vanguard and World Class Company, based in Panama and recently concentrated its commercial and administrative operations in Madrid Spain, dedicated exclusively to the Representation - Purchase - Sales - Distribution - Financial Engineering - Consulting - Services and Marketing of the largest Commodities of World level. Committed to providing a platform for exchange of Commodities (raw materials) first level for market participants in international trade in a wide range of derivatives of raw materials, equipment and driven by global best practices, professionalism and transparency Services.

CEO Notes:


More than half of the Fortune 500 US Companies were founded during recessions.

We are happy!, because We are TCS, Your Total Commodity Solutions..!

And We can take care of any of your Commodities needs! Because we´re more than your Commodity Company - We´re Your Commodity Partner.

Focus Vision on time!As a Critical Success Factor, we recognize the need for the focus of vision on time, strengthened with Global Strategic Alliances. With pride announced the formation of the Strategic Alliance -Joint Venture- between the companies TCS and MCD Consultors, Inc. With the principal objective of tackling the global demand of Financial Consulting and Information Technology Services.


Our approach to environmental management is based on our group environment policy, which is in line with international environmental standards, including the ISO 14001 standard.